Principal shop: shop 1 A

Manufacture of heavy pressure equipment (Economizer, heat exchangers,

condensers, vacuum furnaces, Plant Alcohol Fuels, etc.) 2 bridge cranes

40 ton


Principal shop: shop 1 B

Spool piping fabrication Stage 1. 2 bridge cranes 7.5 ton


North shop:Shop 2

Prefabrication (drawing and cutting) . Mayor mechanical processes

(lathing, drilling and milling), module assembly. 2 bridge cranes 20 ton


West shop:Shop 3

Heavy Machining, manufacture of generators and turbines for hydroelectric

plants, assembly of coils and / or fabrication of pipe. 1 bridge crane 50 ton


South shop: Shop 4

Machining and areas of light industrial services (air, gas, oxygen,

mechanical maintenance, electrical), carpentry and storage of prefabricated

parts, dining area and changing rooms for operators)


Intermediate and High shops Shops 5 and 6

Fabrication and assembly of furnace, boilers, modules and condensers.

High shop 1 bridge crane 80 ton, Intermediate shop 1 bridge crane 20 ton.


Patio 4 Shop 7

Inspection and testing, sandblasting and painting, hydrostatic testing,

preparation for dispatch

Main ship -oriental:
1 A ship
Heavy equipment manufacturing pressure (economizers, heat exchangers, condensers, vacuum furnaces, Alcohol Fuels plants, etc.)
Home-Eastern Ship:
Nave 1 B
Finned pipe. Fold and processing hot and cold pipe (Tube Bending)
North ship:
ship 2
Pipe finned boiler walls (and adjoining warehouses to store materials and spare parts, Herramenteria, Quality Control Lab., Nursing and Occupational Health)
West Nave:
Hall 3
Heavy machining, manufacturing of generators and turbines for hydroelectric plants, coil assembly and / or prefabrication of pipe.  
South ship:
Nave 4
Machining and light industrial areas of services (air, gas, oxygen, mechanical, electrical and electronic maintenance, carpentry and prefabricated parts store, dining and costumes for operators)
Intermediate and high ship:
Ships 5 and 6
Manufacture of generators and turbines for hydroelectric plants. Metallic structures

courtyard ship Oriental-4:
Hall 7

Coil assembly and / or prefabricated pipe. Production of metal structures