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Bay ltd. and Drilling Structures International (DSII) have combined their expertise and resources to acquire COMDISTRAL S.A. in 2010, offering manufacturing and fabrication of engineered products and modularized pre-assembled process units to the Energy, Petroleum, Petrochemical and Mining Industry.

Our Facility is located in Barranquilla´s Free Trade Zone, near to the Canal of Panama and Port of Cartagena and has direct access into the country through the Magdalena River. Its geographical location also offers direct access to international shipping routes to and from the East Coast and Gulf Coast of the U.S., the Caribbean, and major European ports.

This strategic location provides a clear competitive advantage since both, raw materials and finished goods can be moved quickly and efficiently with exemption from import fees and taxes.

Comdistral has a proven track record, with execution support of more than 85 industrial projects for clients in Colombia, Panama, and Venezuela. In addition, the company has exported products and services to the U.S., Europe, the Caribbean and South America.

With qualified management, financial support and expertise brought to the table by Bay Ltd and DSII, COMDISTRAL´s main objective is to consolidate itself as the first choice for the manufacture of industrial projects with quality and reliability in Colombia, South America, and venture more aggressively into the international market. 





Nave Oriental 1A, Hamburgo

Puentes grúas  de 40 Ton

Ancho 24 mts x Long. 124 mts

Altura: 9,2 mts


Nave Oriental 1B, Intermedia

Puentes grúas de 7.5 Ton

Ancho 9,6 mts x Long. 124 mts

Altura: 4,3 mts


Nave 2, Nave Norte

Puentes grúas  de 20 Ton

Ancho 24 mts x Long. 125 mts

Altura: 9,1 mts


Nave Occidental , Nave 3

Guavio, 1 Puentes grúa  de 50 Ton

Ancho 24 mts x Long. 104 mts

Altura: 9,3 mts


Nave Sur, Nave 4

Ancho 24 mts x Long. 104 mts


Nave 5 y 6 Alta, 1 Puente grúa  de 80 Ton, Ancho 31 mts x Long. 40 mts

Altura: 16,2 mts, Intermedia, 1 Puente grúa de 20 Ton, Ancho 12 mts x Long. 35 mts, Altura: 9,15 mts


Cuarto de limpieza

Ancho mts x Long. 70 mts

Altura: 9,15 mts


Nave Principal –Oriental: 
Nave 1 A

Fabricación de equipos pesados de presión, (Economizadores, Intercambiadores de calor, Condensadores, Hornos de Vació, Plantas de Alcohol Combustibles, entre otros) 

Nave Principal-Oriental: 
Nave 1 B

Aleteado de tubería. Doblez y procesamiento en frío y caliente de tubería ( Tube Bending )

Nave Norte:
Nave 2

Paredes aleteadas de tubería para calderas, (y bodegas anexas para  Almacén de Materiales y Repuestos, Herramenteria, Laboratorio de Control Calidad.,  Enfermería y Salud Ocupacional )

Nave Occidental:
Nave 3

Mecanizado pesado, fabricación de generadores y turbinas para centrales hidroeléctricas, ensamble de serpentines y / o prefabricación de tubería. 

Nave Sur:
Nave 4

Mecanizado liviano y áreas de servicios industriales (aire, gas, oxigeno, mantenimiento mecánico, eléctrico y electrónico, carpintería y almacén de partes prefabricadas, comedor y vestuario para operarios )

Nave Intermedia y Alta : 
Naves  5 y 6

Fabricación de generadores y turbinas para centrales hidroeléctricas. Estructuras Metálicas

Nave Oriental-Patio 4 :
Nave 7

Ensamble de serpentines y / o prefabricado de tubería.  Fabricación de estructuras metálicas


In September 2011, our processes were evaluated to verify compliance and accordance to the International Standard of ISO 9001:2008 achieving certification.

In 2012, COMDISTRAL recertified the authorization of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, (A.S.M.E.) to manufacture equipment utilizing the stamps U, U2, S, NB and R.

In August 2013, our facility was approved for certification of OHSAS 18001:2007, the recognized standard for occupational health and industrial safety.

Utilizing these quality and safety principles as a foundation along with continuous improvement attitude and programs, we guarantee that we can work according to very high quality standards to compete nationally and internationally with our products and services.


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